A rational wine-growing process

On their terroir, both winegrowers have the same intent: to take care of their vineyard composed with the three traditional grape varieties, with a strong Chardonnay content (90 %). All along the work of the vine, they are animated by the same notion: quality. Each step is therefore thoughtful, measured, adapted.

Pruning is regulated in order to offer each vine plant its optimal development. Each processing is reasoned on the lightest possible basis of the Processing Frequency Index. Then harvest is made manually: a demanding sorting is carried out, grapes will be picked only if their quality allows for it.

In 2006, Rodolphe started to use his father’s plough again; he works the ground with no herbicide on one or two plots. His approach goes beyond the purpose of quality champagne, it also provides for better health and Nature protection in general.

His philosophy has been acknowledged by the Chamber of Agriculture, which as from 2010 invited Rodolphe to be part of the network « Dephy », Ecophyto 2018: a pilot group of twenty Champagne estates (ten conventional ones, ten organic ones) holding the same desire: to reduce inputs. An environmental commitment over five years followed up by the technicians of Reims Chamber of Agriculture that eventually could be the driving force of a draft bill on vine processes regulations.

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