Joyful tasting

Karen and Rodolphe share the common interest of offering champagne of pleasure and sharing. Generous, natural, obvious, it reflects their desire. Their champagne represents the culmination of an activity into which they both thrive; their cuvees can be tasted in major events like in lively ones!

The flavours of champagnes Oudin-Collet translate their rich and authentic history; their effervescence, both fine and dancing, as from the first sip, conveys the joyful spirit that these winegrowers daily have.

So, each cuvee of Champagne Oudin-Collet is an ode:

  • Jour Doré

    Jour Doré

    (Brut - Chardonnay - Pinot Noir - Pinot Meunier)

  • Liberté Divine

    Liberté Divine

    (Brut - 100 % Chardonnay)

  • Instant Volé

    Instant Volé

    (Demi-sec - 100 % Chardonnay)

  • Douce Romance

    Douce Romance


  • Odyssée Blanche

    Odyssée Blanche

    Millésime 2011 (Blanc de Blancs)

  • Prélude des fondateurs

    Prélude des fondateurs

    Millésime 2011 and 2012 (Blanc de Noirs)

consume in moderation. Alcool abuse is detrimental to your health,