Champagne Oudin-Collet : Two lives, some odes

Born in a family of farmers-winegrowers, definitely linked to their land and their estate, Karen is the heir of this heightened sensitivity to her terroir and the vegetal taking its roots there.

The son of a meticulous winegrower, Rodolphe also has this inevitable attraction, transmitted and cultivated, for grape and its transformation. Being wise, he wishes to produce some pure, fresh, obvious champagne.

The vines of their two families abut each other and both representatives of the latest generation, Karen and Rodolphe often meet each other. Sixteen years after their first encounter, they unite the Champagnes « Gérard Oudin » and « Bukaczewski-Collet » to make but one: Champagne Oudin-Collet.

Together, they combine their know-how for a festive, fine, dancing creation; respectful of the past, revealing the present moment. This is a joyful share that opens the heart to the spirit, with evident pleasure: Champagne Oudin-Collet, ode to effervescence.

consume in moderation. Alcool abuse is detrimental to your health,